How Do I Say Sorry?


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Whatever you have done, no matter how big or small, an apology is always the best policy. Even if the person you have upset, offended or hurt is completely mad at you -and maybe won't ever forgive you - it is always worth swallowing your pride and saying that you are sorry.

It is difficult to know of a good way to apologise for something you have done wrongly. Depending on the circumstances (and I write very generally here) you should consider making a gesture of sorts. It is often tricky (and sometimes considered too easy, would you believe) to simply tell someone "I'm sorry". Maybe you could purchase a gift, send a voucher or even arrange for a beautiful bunch of flowers to be sent.

In my experience I always go for a nice bunch of lilies, because they smell wonderful and are really pretty. If you want to say sorry to a man, don't be afraid of flowers just because he isn't a woman! They always have a silent message to provide and cheer people up - whoever they may be!
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Saying sorry doesn't come easliy to some people because they see it as an admission of guilt!
You can just face the person involved and say sorry to them face to face or you could think about writing a note or letter.

Say it wholeheartedly if you really are sorry as most people can tell when a sorry isn't really meant. A half- hearted sorry?This can lead to further problems and make matters worse. and you might not hear the last of it!
You may get a cold reception even if you do say sorry, it depends on what you've done so be prepared for a rebuff.
It has been said that sorry is one of the hardest words to say. However many people have deep regrets about not saying sorry.
It's a small word with a huge impact.
Perhaps flowers or a gift will help if the person you've hurt won't see or speak to you and a note of explanation can make you feel better.
There are many ways to say sorry but the best way is from the heart.
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Just hug n say I'm really works....
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A sincere apology. State what it was, that you did, that you were sorry for. If you can not face the person, a card, letter; with or without a gift, could say it. DO NOT, negate your apology by bringing up the other persons wrongs. Just yours.
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Just say it by looking at her eyes and reveal those golden words.

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