How Do I Show My Ex-husband I Have Changed And Am Sorry?


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Reading your question it's quite hard to work out exactly what your ex wants you to do - maybe that's the problem? You seem to be clear that you want him back, so  maybe the first thing is to ask him, straight out, whether he wants you back and if so, on what terms.    The other thing not quite clear to me is: What exactly have you done that's so terrible? He appears to have told you everything that went wrong in the marriage is your fault; is that really true? Does he have absolutely nothing to apologise for and no improvements to make?
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Actions always speak louder than words. Not sure what you have done exactly but whatever it is, have you truly taken responsibility to sort those things out for yourself - never do it for anyone else, just do it for you and your own sanity. Once you can confront your own issues, going back to him will be much easier and you will be more powerful than before. Not sure about the creativity side and what that has to do with it, but if he is any decent human being, he should be thrilled you have a creative outlet since this is surely something he can see that helps you to feel, and think. Talk to your husband, but more importantly SHOW him how you have changed, don't just tell him. Remember, it takes two and saying sorry (like you don't need to) is never enough and after a while the word 'sorry' becomes just an empty void!
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I do not know your whole situation. But what you need to ask yourself is "have I really changed"? Have you only temporarily changed things because he wants you to? Will you slip back into old habits? You need to change because YOU want to, and you realize how you are affecting the people in you life.
You clearly want your family back. Does he know that? Have you two sat down recently and discussed your situation? You should explain to him that you are changing, and have realized what you did wrong. Tell him you have done most of the work towards a better life, but you need him and your kids around you to help you. But, as I was first saying, make sure you mean it. There is no point in starting a relationship again if you can't change what needs to be changed for good. You said he doesn't like your creativity, I can't figure that out. How can creativity ruin a relationship? And if you just are a creative person, is that really "fixable"?
At any rate, you have a lot to think about. But I think the best thing to do is have some serious talks with your husband.
I really hope things work out.

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