How do you make a girl like you?


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Ray Ottewell answered
You can't make anyone like you, just be your self, if you try to be someone you are not, then you are just trying to fool her. She must like you for the person you are, if someone does not like you for who you are, then you are not for each other.
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Helena Vites answered
I know you don't want to hear, "be urself" "she'll like u 4 who u r" but if you do, then "Be urself. She'll like u 4 who u r" but if you really want this girl and know you can't win her, I'd hate to be that girl who tells you, you should change yourself for them. But then again, change is good... Most of the times. But don't change for her if you don't think its worth it. If she's someone you really want to impress, impress her. Charm her, arouse her, anything. To get a girl, you need to interest them. Sure, be yourself, but sometimes a girl also needs a poetic cheesy pick up line just to catch her eye. Nothing cocky though. You don't want to be spat on. Hope this was helpful :)
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You cannot make anybody like you. If you try to be someone you're not then the girl will like THAT different personality, not the real person inside of you. You don't wanna be stuck acting. You should be able to act yourself and be comfortable with the one you love. :) <3
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Just be yourself. You could try being extra nice and sweet to her, but dnt become someone your not
MISS EPIC answered
Hmmmmmm let's funny. And be a sweetheart, I love that. :) lol I was probably no help...smhh

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