How Do You Make A Girl Happy?


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There are many means and methods to make a girl happy. Different people have different ideas, behaviors and attitudes in this regard. Anyhow I have my own point of view about how to make a girl happy.

First of all you should be very well behaved as far as your personality is concerned toward that particular girl whom you want to make happy. Your personality should be very much presentable as far as your dress is concerned, your conversation and your normal behavior. Girls usually like those boys who take care of all the above-mentioned things.

Secondly you attitude towards that girl should be very positive and loving. You have to make that particular girl realize that you will take care of her every act and feelings.
Thirdly you should be very touchy in fulfilling her demands and needs. I hope if you act upon these simple formulas, you can make any girl of the world happy. If you think that these formulae which I have told you sbout are not enough, and the particular girl whom you want to make happy is a difficult one, the only thing is that you will have to work a bit harder and my formulae will surely make her happy.
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There are many levels of "happy" .. I am assuming you mean the kind of happy that making her feel special can bring.  There is no one thing .. Cultivating a happy relationship is a process that involves many elements.

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