Do You Actually Know Who You Truly Are Inside?


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Well, I think knowing yourself is a very long journey. We think we know ourselves and then something else happens. This is what makes loving another person so difficult. We must first know ourselves well enough before we can know and love another. It has taken me a long time to know myself....and knowing yourself, one must be willing to admit all of the faults and joys. It has to be an honest relationship....and I will have to say that you have to know your moral code and be able to stick with it no matter exceptions!!
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I do now, after all, I've been living with me for the past 66 years, so I've had time to get to know me.
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(Spoken in a finicky professor's lecturing tone)
I think that I've worked closely enough with
the subject for a long enough period that
I believe I have a better chance of knowing
that than anyone else might.   
*If I don't, I'm in a whole lot of trouble. :~ }*
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Jay Hay
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How true... And... A lot of people don't take the time to look inward.... And then in bewildrment, wonder why they are in such troubles..
Jay Hay
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How true.. Many people don't take the time to look inward... Then in bewilderment, wonder why oh why they are in such trouble.. Which would go a long way in explaining the social chaos and troubles we are faced with today. Good answer Professor Syron9
Jewelly A. Shetka
Thank you. I could never be a professor, though.
No school would hire me to teach any of the
kind of stuff I'd want to teach... Say, knitting
chain mail, for instance? Finding sheep with
steel wool is too hard, nowadays. ::-)
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I would like to think I do, I certainly know what aspects of my personality are less than pleasant lol
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Definitely . You are the only one who could know. My belief is you and God know. If you don't know, I would wonder if there is some kind of mental illness. Maybe when we are young adults or children we still are unsure, I think i remember wondering that question before I grew up.
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At my age, yeah.
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I do now but to know who i really was i had to come clean about my not so great qualities as well. They are workable but without honesty to yourself you'll never know the true you.
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Well... To many people that is the hardest question in the world. But me for example i feel that i do know myself. I enjoy life as much as i can. Sure sometimes life feels like a punch in the stomach, but i try to handle it and i hope you could to. I feel that many people, including you, have been through some hard times and started to not enjoy life. However, you seem to be and interesting female to be around and should enjoy all the good things that life has to offer. I dont know why, but I feel you have a lot of potential in you. Dont waste it. Many people are quick to judge and think that they are being generous by giving free advice. WRONG!!!! They cant make somebody do what they want them to. Please try not to  commit a suicidal act. Try not to even think about that. And please dont comment back saying "i never was going to do that. I was just curious" because you have thought about it. I have to. Almost everybody has. But once again PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!!! Dont do it.
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I don't think I do; I just hope that whatever I really am, that I am a "good" person.

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