How to stop guys from cheating?


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There is no way to stop them from cheating on you unless they are responsible or if they are the right one for you.
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You can''s in the ex was over here today and we were talking and he said that the dog really loved me and I said....I wish it wasn't like that cuz it bothers me to leave the dog ALL day. He spoiled the dog like the kid...YOU spoil everything and you are loved for it.....BUT you did NOT spoil me like that.
I dropped my mouth and politely said....well, you said you were a big boy and could find things, work to keep u busy while I played Mother...and it didn't seem like I was ignoring should have OPENED ur mouth and said that you were feeling LEFT OUT instead of cheating. He said he realized that now.

I was just living..trying to work, raise a family, home, etc...nothing out of the ordinary. But I worked and still work 10 hour days, six days a week and I expected him to carry some of the load and when I caught him cheating...I HAD to send him packing...
Now 6 years since the divorce, he sees that I was dong the right thing and he misses me...but, too I have ALL of the difficulties to face alone and I am all right with that. The kid leaves in a couple of months and I will still be okay. This is life...but they cheat...and WOMEN are just as guilty with cheating....takes ONE to cheat with....hahah
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The ones that cheat are only out for themselves and to make themselves happy. ( attitude) The only way to get them to stop cheating is somehow make them see how selfish they are so they become selfless and giving to the one they are with. So good luck.
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I'm sorry there is no way, unless they really think YOU are the one. Which believe me, someday there will be a day where you'll meet a guy who will always "She's the one" or "I want to be with her forever". BUt other than that. There is no other way to make them stop cheating
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For me there are a lot of elements to be considered when you want one or a gut to stop from cheating. You see, sometimes when a person feels unhappy in a relationship, they begin to feel trapped that cheating may be seen as a way out! While others, a repeated pattern of cheating occurs to avoid intimacy. I believe, cheating occurs in response to unresolved anger or unsettled issues where other partner seemed to avoid having it resolved by way of discussion.

It is better to assess your relationship to determine areas that are lacking in intimacy. You may be surprise to see other partner's feeling you haven't satisfied or met. The discovery will lead to being open and honest in expressing  your feelings and emotions and find a neutral ground to settle.

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Cut off their frank and beans.
And if they cheat, nobody could really blame ya
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There is no way to keep male or female from cheating if it is going to happen it will happen, if they truly love you and care for you they wouldn't cheat. The respectful thing would be for them to break up with you or vis versa or you with them if your thinking of it. Then no one gets hurt because your not together.
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Doing more things you don't do and make yourself attractive to your man and attract him more than you normally do 
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I refuseto change for a guy
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Well tell him why are you cheating maybe he just lost interest maybe that could be the cause or he still loves but likes to be with other women he adapted himself like that going with someone he likes but sleeping with other people
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Make sure their needs are met, make sure that you are the one they can't live without and they will not be strayed away by another who is willing to give what you won't.
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You cannot stop them by yourself, they are elusive bunch of people working behind your back doing despicable stuff, what you can do is to hire a Private Investigator to keep tabs on your guy's recent activities so you will know whether he cheated on you or not.
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Spy on him every minute from the day I woild recomend you not do that but I did like with my car I followed my boyfriend but do mot do that.

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