How can I stop myself from liking a guy?


3 Answers

Araya Lioness Profile
Araya Lioness answered

Find a negative aspect about the guy that irritates you and blow it out of proportion so that it consumes his attraction.

Always works for me. For instance, if a guy's good looking, I'm hot for him usually. But as soon as he opens his mouth and is disrespectful/rude/disgusting/repulsive/scummy, he's not interesting at all anymore.

Ty Hibb Profile
Ty Hibb answered

Feelings are very hard to control. Try controlling your reaction to the feeling rather than the feeling itself. Evidently it is causing you to do things that you don't want to do. Without knowing your age and other things about you any direction given is going to be limited based on what is known,

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Stacey Dinozzo answered

Stopping what you truely feel for someone is hard. It is what it is. But know that you have a choice to whether you want to like this person or not. If it's just a little crush, you'll eventually get over it. Keep yourself busy and you'll eventually forget or lose feelings towards that person. Learn to love and take care of yourself!

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