My Boyfriend Cheated.. What Do I Do To Stop Crying?!


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Ryan Rugraff answered
Hi adviser, sorry to hear that. Two years is a big investment and I know how you feel, I have been there. You are going crazy, and I suggest you give yourself permission to be crazy. Don't chastise yourself and don't look to yourself for the answer. This is his problem, not yours. Men cheat for a number of reasons, but one thing is consistent; it has to do with them, not with their partners. Even if a guy has good reason (or thinks he does), it still has to do with them. If a person is not getting what they need from the relationship, they need to get it in the open, but they tend to bottle it up and hide their needs. Then it will come out in any number of ways, often a person will cheat. Just because you could not give him everything he needed for what ever reason, does not make you less of a person. He chose his bed, now it is time to let him lay in it. After that, the best I can suggest, is to go out and find someone to spend your time with. Girl or guy, just so you don't find yourself doing nothing with all the free time he is not taking up. Idle hands are the devils playground and all that.... Hang in there it gets better. Oh and don't jump into another relationship too soon, that's a recipe for disaster too, be patient, date and have fun being yourself, doing what you want to do for you for a while.
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All you have to think is he probably didn't love you as much as you loved him so you should move on with your life and forget about him.
Hope this helps
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Well what I have to say to that is there the dorr believe me you don't need that in your life because hunny once a cheater always a cheater and you will just keep getting hurt and you deserve a lot better then that you need some on that will love you care for you and hold you in there arms hunny as they say there are more men in the sea that are better then that  keep your chin up and let the love come find you when you go looking for love some times it not the same.
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tony valencia answered
Just try to forget about him and go have fun with your friends.
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apple-j credo answered
Girl just cry...I know it takes time for you to move on but you need to handle it...its not your lost girl..

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