My Boyfriend Tried To Cheat On Me, Do I Forgive Him?


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There are some people who cheat once, learn from their mistakes and never do it again. And of course there are many who repeat the behaviour. Assume the worst about your boyfriend, then ask yourself "is this something I can deal with, or do I want to try for better?" Most people probably feel that cheating is a dealbreaker. But until placed in that situation, you never know how you'll react. I know people who never thought they'd stay with a cheater, but have done so. Life isn't as simple as black and white, right or wrong.

If I was to forgive and move on from someone cheating (or trying to cheat) on me, it would depend on the following things: How sorry they really are, if they have a history of cheating (what's the likelihood that they'd do it again?), and the act/incident itself. A one-off thing would be easier to forgive than an affair or repeated cheating. Also, I think you should evaluate your relationship outside the cheating - is it good otherwise, or is cheating just another problem in this trainwreck?

Whatever decision you make, make sure it's for yourself and one you can live with. At the end of the day, you only need to justify your decision to YOURSELF, no on else. But if you decide to stay with a cheating partner, then you need to be prepared to accept that cheating might be part of his personality. You need to accept that, and decide if that's what you want. Good luck.
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No you shouldn't forgive him...if he tried it once he will try it again and next time he just might succeed
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I think that even if you can find a way to forgive him then there will still be an issue of trust to over come! If you are strong enough to work on this as a couple then go for it :) good luck hunni
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It depends on what kind of guy he is. Some guys will be like,"she let me get away with it last why not this time too??" or some other guys will truly learn from their mistake. You just have to figure out which one your boyfriend is...

Best of luck
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Your boyfriend "tried" to cheat on you?  I suppose that means that you caught him about to cheat or that you heard about him almost cheating on you.  I would suggest that this is like an iceberg.  What you have seen or heard of is just the tip of his behavior.  There are (and will be) many more attempts (some successful) about which you have no knowledge.  If you can live with that knowledge, then forgive him and keep him.  On the other hand, you can forgive him and kick his sorry butt out the door.
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I don't think so it will be too hard to trust him
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No don't forgive him.....your worth more than that...if your not good enough for him then let him go....there is some handsome guy out there waiting to love you for all your worth...ditch this guy and go find a real one...
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I'm not sure what tried means.
If he was flirting ~ eh, we all do a bit of that.
If he actually got the girl in bed and then decided not to?
He'll end up cheating.
Ditch him!!
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I had the same problem recently. My boyfriend was organising to cheat on me. I left him. I miss him terribly and I keep blaming myself about it. I still like him and I'm_horribly_ in love with him but I guess he was just not very much into me. I wish things were different but you cannot make anyone like you the way they should. Best of luck to all the heartbroken ones out there. I know its terrible.
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If you really love him then yeah but if it happens again I'm sorry LEAVE HIM!!!!! But maybe ask him why we was about to do it!!!
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Yeah if he didnt cheat a lot but if not beat his ass and the gurl he cheated with!!!

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