I found out that my boyfriend was cheating on me so I slapped him with a fish. Was that wrong?


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Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
LOL, a fish??? You are funny. You should of used a fist but okay, now dump him into a pool of water and see how he will react than say goodbye to his cheating a$$!
Tannis Mitchell Profile
Tannis Mitchell answered
LOOOL with a fish XDD and yes it was. That basterd deserved it. If he cheats, then that means he looses a great women like yourself.
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Anonymous answered
I hope it was frozen then it would of been better you should not go out with people who have cheated before and if you do tjen carry a fish about every place you go
Adams Suliat Profile
Adams Suliat answered
A fish was not too 2 gud,a crab wuld have done d magic & bite some sense back into his cheatin face. He deserves it :)
Addilynn All Star Profile
Erm well I you were hurt and when ppl are hurt they don't think twice about what they are about to do..so good on you! But erm..be careful cus some guys hit back! And besides violence should be the last option , you could have just walked away? Noo?
emma johnson Profile
emma johnson answered
No it wos right! TIT FOR TAT!
Anon Anon Profile
Anon Anon answered
Hahahahaha, you go girl. He deserved it don't feel sorry for him. He disrespects you, you slap him with a fish.
j. Profile
j. answered
Well, it wasnt what relationship experts would recommend, but I think you were within your rights. However, may I ask where did you get a convenient slapping fish on short notice?
Belle Profile
Belle answered
Probably. But if he is cheating on you, I think he deserves what he gets.
catherine adams Profile
catherine adams answered
Hey Kirsten, he got of lightly for his fishy cheating and good for you.... He sounds like a right kipper .... Good for you to react on the cheat.  Hope Useful

Catherine Adams
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Anonymous answered
It wasnt THAT wrong.... He was cheating so he did deserve it. I would probly do the exact same thing in your situation.
Jasmine Haha Profile
Jasmine Haha answered
Hahahaha you go girl !!! That is hilarious. He deserved that fish to be slapped in his face !! Hehe good job, I'm proud of you !

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