My Fiance Hit Me When He Was Drunk。 What Should I Do?


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Don't go back! If you have never seen this before, it only gets worse! Many, many people have died because of going back, and saying, "He won't do it again, he was sorry, and besides, he said it won't. And he said, if he ever did it again, I could leave him."
The only way they left,.... Was to die! I don't know how old you are, but it is NOT o.k. To hit someone like that, and it's NOT o.k. To think that they won't do it again. Hope this helps, good luck.
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A few weeks ago my boyfriend got stupidly drunk and became very aggressive, he started calling me a slag and when I tried to leave the house he slapped me in the face and bit my fingers before falling to the floor crying. I have always been fiercely of the belief that there is no excuse for a man to hit a woman no matter what the circumstance..but I took him back...two nights ago he punched me in my side causing me to fall to the floor..I'm still with him. I don't know why I am doing this but I truly believe he is a good person and for some reason I don't feel in danger? Why do I have these feelings and why am I being so stupid?? Aside from these two drunken assaults he is a wonderful person and I couldn't imagine life without him as he treats me like gold..he has had a very troubled past, been depressed most of his teenage life and severely bullied at he has come to uni he is the most lovable, friendly, popular person but do his demons come out when he drinks? Or is he a bad person that I am making excuses for??
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You have to decide for yourself if you want a life with someone that drinks and will hit you when they drink .  I think you should re-think  getting married to someone that will hit you when they are drunk. Most likely this person will do it again and will not be able to control himself or his drinking. But it's up to you. Just one more thing to think about if you do marry this guy and you have children what will happen when he drinks his paycheck away and accidentally hits/beats one of your children and then says I'm sorry.
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Dannybooks is wrong. AA is like putting a band aid on severed head. He
has serious mental problems, he has the ability to do it again, and the next time you could be dead. "Wahhhh I'm so sorry baby, I love you, I would never do anything like that again....wahhh." Screw anyone that can hit a woman, I don't carehow old you are or what you look like, you can do better. MOVE ON.
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If he is really going to AA, then that is one step towards correcting the problem.
Please, give him time & I am sure that things will work out.
WARNING!! If he starts to drink again, in any form, one beer, one this, one that. The chances are that he will get upset and may try to hurt you again.
If he does, he may NEVER change, you will have to live with it.
I have family members that lost their mates, because one did not want to change while drinking in excess.

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