I'm a girl and I'm 14. I had sleepover and my friend who is 14 invited her bf who was 13. They both got drunk. Then when she fell asleep me and her bf made out. What should I do?


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Taylor Brookes answered

You are FAR too young to be dating, let along making out with people or drinking! I suggest you stop being so irresponsible and act your age before someone gets hurt, although it looks like it might be too late already. Enjoy being a kid and don't try to act all grown up. 

You will look back on this and realise how immature you all were and you will regret it. This is exactly the kind of thing that is wrong with the world. Why do CHILDREN think its ok to act like they're 30?

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Rachael Rhodes answered

I agree you have to tell your friend it's the right thing to do.

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Kk polly answered

I wouldn't tell friend if she was going to hate me, but I would maybe tell her if she was serious about this guy, but they'll probably break up anyway. You should tell the boy you regret what you did, and it won't happen again, just in case he thought it would. Also, drinking a little isn't terrible, but when you get drunk you might do something even more stupid that you'll regret even more. So don't get drunk!

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Jojo A. answered

This girl and you are not doing real "Friend" things, I'd reconsider this so called "friendship" honestly.  Friends don't do things like that. She used you for support of her boyfriend coming put you in deep risk of losing your parents trust, then you betrayed her, and risked her trust and your parents trust as well. If I were you I'd find another friend and reassess yourself as the kind of friend you want to be considered as, as well.

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