Im 15 and I was looking after mums dog she gave me key I slept there once as I got drunk with friends and I had an accident on her sofa I tried to clean it my sis was saying there was a weird smell and I'm worried they will find it What should I do?


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Janis Haskell answered

Apologize to Mom and ask her how you can make it right.  Most mothers are more hurt by dishonesty than accidents on sofas.

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Best to fess up. Come clean in other words. You should offer to pay for the cleaning.

Having a party there in the owner's absence is not a good thing. Chances are you won't get that key responsibility again.

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carlos Striker answered

You did something you're not supposed to do. Face it instead of making a mess of everything. It is your Mum. She knows and probably been through the same mess and will understand.

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Danae Hitch answered

You tell your mom what happened and see if she knows what cleaner to use to get the stain out. She will find out sooner or later - might as well confess and save yourself the trouble.

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