Hi, I'm 14-15 and my friend just told me she had a crush on me. I like her mentally but I'm not sure physically any tips? This is urgent. Thanks


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Yin And Yang answered

Urgent as in if you don't give her an answer she will take her ugly self and move on to someone else? Let her. She deserves to be respected and cherished just like you have the right to not be attracted to her physically...... But don't leave her dangling and don't lead her on. Tell her you are not interested politely so she can keep her dignity. Good luck.

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Yeah, I am confused by the 'urgency' .. The polite thing to do would be to treat her with respect. Nothing wrong with just telling her the truth that you would like to remain as friends.  You don't have to rip her world apart by completely humiliating her .. Just be kind.

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