Do You Think Teens Should Have Sex ? Why Or Why Not ? How Old Do You Think We Should Start Having Sex?


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This is my own opinion, but I think teenagers should be refraining from having sex until marriage. It just doesn't feel right to me for teenagers to be having casual sex and act like it's no big deal. I'm personally waiting until marriage before I give myself up to someone. I think it would make our love for each other stronger. You can think of it as a "special gift" to give to the one you marry.

Even though I'm against teenagers having sex before marriage, it's still their life. I can't say what they can and can't do. I can only guide.
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No no no, you need practice girls so the first time is actually good lovetaurus.
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I don't know about that. Having pre-marital sex goes against my morals. It doesn't seem right to me. But everybody is different, and they can do whatever they want with their life.
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No one should have sex until they are both emotionally and financially responsible for any accidents that may occur and they do
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I don't think sex should be seen as practice and done for no good reason. I believe that sex should be waited till both partners are ready physically and emotionally. And also if they aren't married, they should have the money to protect themselves of STD or getting pregnant, people might have other beliefs as someone just wants to get it over with and just do it while another sees it as something really special and waits till he or she is really ready
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Personally NO.. But then we all are different in culture.. Based on experience.. A lot of my friends have regret it.. But i don't know with your country.. Im just worried that teens are not that educated with SEX .. Most think they know it all.. I think if you are ready about it.. And be responsible of everything it may bring then its okey.. But then most teens are not.. =C and so i just want them to do it with someone they will be happy... Statistics show that a lot of teen pregnancy has been booming now and a lot of sexual infection..
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No teens should not have sex. Your way to young, You should wait at least till your 18. Because you could catch stds and that one person you slept w/ your basically sleeping with all the other people he had sex with.
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I always wanted to wait untill I was married but things kinda changed after a while of dating my current boyfriend
but I really dont think that there is a right age for someone to start having sex. Everyone if differrent some are 16 and positive that they are ready and others could be 24 and not ready for sex. Just dont rush anything if you wait till you are married hopefully there wont be any regrets.
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I think that teens should not have sex at all until they are at least over 18 but the part of having a baby and getting diseases from having is it is completely up to them
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I do not think teens should have sex considering the fact that most teens arent married. I think you should be over 18 to begin having sex and you should be married.
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I dont think that TEENS should have sex cause its good like thet have a future of collage and university and plans and if they do they have to talk about it first and wear a condom

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