What are the habits you continually put on your list but not keep?


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Kim Snowling , Want to be healthy, answered

Every year at New Year, I always make a list of 'things I am going to change this year'. Every year I put on that list to eat more healthily and to exercise more. I know it is a common one!

I always have problems keeping these easy goals as:

  • I am quite naturally quite slim and so I think, I am not fat so I can eat this.
  • If it is cold weather so I have no motivation to exercise.
  • I love food and all its flavours.
  • I have no willpower or dedication.
So I need to change my lifestyle, which is what being healthy is all about. 

I do not have much time on my own as I have 2 small children and by the time my husband comes home from work I am worn out and all I want to do is sit down.  So I have an action plan:

  • This year I have made myself a rota, so I can schedule in exercise time. 
  • I am also saving for a running machine so if there is bad weather I can still exercise without going out in the cold!
  • I am going to try to not snack, which is by far my biggest problem.  I just can't help myself - every time I am in the kitchen, I just have to nick something.
  • The willpower is a hard one.  I have a dedicated husband who is very healthy and good so I know he will nag me to make sure I am not straying from my goals.  On the flip side I also have 2 children who have a box full of chocolates that are screaming my name!
  • I am still going to enjoy food, just at the correct times and maybe substitute full-fat or sugary ingredients with more healthy ones.
I am hoping that all these things will help me succeed!

I will change my ways this year!

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