What habits that hinder thinking do you think are at play with this issue that keeps it highly debated?


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Many habits that hinder thinking exist, and they vary between cultures and ideologies. Most attempt to eliminate these habits, in order to be able to think more clearly and come up with new ideas and solutions.

However, others claim that the habits are indeed what make us follow particular thought patterns, and without them we would be unable to think at all. We would either be unable to carry out the thought process or would all come to the same conclusion, as thinking would be 'perfect' - almost as if it were carried out by a computer.

The debate on hindering thinking habits will continue throughout the years as people see the issue from different points of views - indeed because of their different thinking habits.

  • Social hierarchies

Many people in various organizations - particularly high schools and even office environments - mentally develop a social hierarchy and place themselves at a certain level in it. They then subconsciously develop relationships with those on the same hierarchy level, and almost ignore those at different hierarchy positions.

This is a natural process that puts mental barriers up to meeting new people and forming friendships. More outgoing people have this trait less prominently, although it will still exist in their mind.

  • The influence of others around you

Often when you are surrounded by people with a certain way of thinking, you develop a similar thinking process. For instance, if your family attends church regularly, you are also likely to take up the religion.

Of course, the exact opposite can happen, if such experiences are negative. An individual may instead grow up to hate church visits, and this could subconsciously lead them to dislike their family and become dissociated from it.

Many other hindering thinking habits also exist. It is up to you to recognize your own, and decide whether they should remain or not.

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