Why do people have sex?


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sami star answered

To have a baby. That is the only way unless you want to adopt.

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Rooster Cogburn , Robert Howe, answered

Because it's an enjoyable thing that people do when they are intimate with each other.

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Generally, people have sex because it feels good!

There are other possible reasons though:

  1. We are biologically "programmed" to have sex, as it ensure that our species continues to thrive. By programmed, I mean that hormones and other biological triggers make us feel like having sex.
  2. Sex is also a way of showing affection to someone you care about. It is the closest and most intimate contact you can possibly have with another human being.
  3. People have sex for all sorts of other reasons too: Peer pressure, improve their status, for money, to improve their relationships, to help their job prospects, to make other people jealous... The list goes on and on!

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I dont know exactly! I think just for pleasure or...if they are are attracted towards each other - that causes them do it!

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Megan goodgirl answered

For enjoyment.

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