Why Do People Like To Have Sex?


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Lol, I don't think sex is disgusting anymore, I used to. Sex is an instinctual drive we have, it was meant as reproduction as a way of keeping the Earth populated with humans. We know that sex feels good and our body craves that good feeling it gives. I know what you mean though... You should try to not let it upset you. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and in their opinion sex is great! If you don't want to have sex until you are married and ready for kids then that is great for you, don't let anyone change your mind. And honestly, sex is supposed to be a beautiful thing. I don't think you get depressed because of sex itself but because of all the ways you see people abuse it and abuse each other over it. That is completely understandable also. Maybe you should have a talk with one of your parents about sex.
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You seem to be quiet the connoisseur. Very well done.
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Thank you very much to both you & the other answerers-In some places I've been in cyberspace, ppl have been really mean to me b/c of my views..It upset & confused me..but anyway I'm over it now..Thanks a LOT for being so nice. (And I will NEVER talk to my parents about sex, they add to my depression..but thanks anyway.) You show that some ppl in cyberspace are really kind, & respect how other ppl feel. :)
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Hey Question44, you should check out Aven.com; it's a community filled with people who feel just like you about sex
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If you do not want it that is fine... Most people just find they want it at a certain point even though it can seem weird. Not everyone does though and not everyone wants or has the exact same kind of sex as other people. You just have to be honest in developing relationships if your desire or lack of it is seriously out of the ordinary.

If you are young your interest may develop over time... If you are older than you may simply just be the way you are and there are other people you can find who feel the same way.

As for the people who want it... They are just drawn to it the way people are drawn to say chocolate... They like it and it makes them relaxed and often i makes them feel close to or loved by the person they do it with. People generally like to cuddle and when they are older they usually have some sexual desire for some sort of person or another. If not? That is okay.
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Thanks for explaining, I give up tryin 2 understand other ppl, but this isa helpful :)
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Sex is a beautiful thing, when done properly and if you feel disgusted and depressed about it may be you are not ready for it and don't even worry about it, you don't have to have it if you don't want to. But why are you upset about contraception?  It has helped a lot of people to enjoy sex without bringing unwanted/unplanned children to the world,  who probably would have a miserable life because their parents weren't ready. Also every month when  you menstruate you expel a potential zygote, therefore depriving a beautiful kid of existing, as you say. And I don't even wanna count how many potential beautiful kids exist in a male ejaculation, so just don't worry about it it becomes a zygote only after the sperm fertilized the egg.  And nobody should get mad at you because of how you feel and I hope you don't take this in a bad way.
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Finally, someone who shares my views. I think sex is disgusting too and everyone just says I'm innocent but I'm not, really! IT JUST IS. And after reading all the comments, I still don't get why anyone would want to do it- even the mention of it makes me shiver. D:
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I think people have sex cause they love each other. Unless it is rape. But im young and i love sex. Sex is not a wrong thing to do.it is fun. I love having sex. For me the reason that i have sex is cause i feel sexy. And who ever im having sex with, i love them.young kids always dream of having sex or having kids. I had sex when i was 15. And i got pregnant. I have 2 5 year olds.if u r young, i dont think that u should be having sex until u r ready to have a child. 
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I feel the same way you do,
but the truth is when people get horny,they can't really control themselves
it's like being drunk, and they want more and more and more lol but mature adults will do it out of love, or to make their other partner feel good. And don't obsess over it like most people do if you ever start having it..lol

amy :)
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They like to because they like children even if u have a kid dosent mean u dont want more i used to think it was nasty but people always tell me it is fun so now i dont think that anymore
but they dont just do it 4 fun they really love each other also that gives them a time alone but that is a reason they kiss and hug while some of there kids play thinks 4 listing see ya

(Amy Willson)
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Some people do for a hobbie or for fun or for work (prostitution) or because they are obliged to do it, in Africa Some people steel children to make them have sex and earn money.In the world there are also homosexual people. There are sex clubs....People dont ALWAYS like it.

most of the time it is just because people love each other or becauese they want to have a child.
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People have sex because sex is nice and fun and it tickles your vigian

Ps. I am not a virgian

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