Why People Change Their Gender?


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I disagree with the first answer. I have never met anyone who would be stupid enough to go through the process of transition because they were bored or trying to be fashionable. It is very much a matter of self image. For some reason and the reasons are different with each transsexual they see themselves as the other gender. This becomes almost an obsession in their lives. They go through depression have a very high rate of suicide. For some it gets to the point that they simply decide they cannot live as their biological gender and begin the transition process. Most find the process so difficult and traumatic they never complete transition. Those that do complete the transition process with very rare exception report greater happiness and peace with themselves in their lives. There have been a couple of studies that suggest the reasons to transition may be related to brain structure but these studies tend to examine the structure of transsexuals who have been on hormones for a number of years prior to death and as such these noted differences may be the product of the hormone intake.

The short answer is that these people are trying to find a version of themselves where they can be at peace.
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Thankyou for an accurate answer. I hope many people read and understand.
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People change their physical gender because from birth they feel and know that their very being is the opposite of their physical body. This is surely the most unfortunate of all DNA reasons for being different from other people. Thank God that He has made it possible in the last century to help them match their body with their spirit through hormones and surgery.
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Well there are many reasons for changing a particular gender that is given by God to a human by-birth.Some people do it for just a change, they are bore from there current gender, and for a change, they alter their gender.In western countries, changing gender is becoming a new style. The people are not satisfied from their contemporary gender, and they like the opposite gender qualities, so they transform their gender. For example, a girl like the behavior and talking style of a guy, so as there is freedom in the western culture, so she change her gender. While if a guy like the behavior or style of a girl so he also change his sexual category.

On the other hand, in eastern countries, the there is thinking of being transmen of various girls, because of their restrictions, as there are so many restrictions for a girl in eastern countries as compare to a guy, but she usually can't change it, because it is not a legal act. And people don't appreciate this act. In very rare case it happens that some transmen are seen in society, while there are many trans-women in the society, but there is no respect for these trans-women.

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