What Does 69 Mean?


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OK STRAIGHT UP: You the guy suck n licks the girls vag and at the same time while she lays opposite on top of you she sucks your dick pleasuring each other at the same time. 69 is my favorite oral sex position it don't get much better than that! Depending on the girl its not their favorite thing to do. And TRUST ME you want a girl thats a bit of a freak in the sheet because sex can and will get boring so you want a g/f thats going to be willing to do stuff and give it time, if you jump in the sac asap and try all new positions... Well then what? What are you going to have for future? But A ONE NITE STAND however, your JUST going to want to GET FREAKY, DO IT ALL! After all you want that girl/guy to remeber that nite the rest of their lives. N when they think back to all the guys/girls they slept with who do you think their going to remember the most the ones who had sex missionary style? Or the ones who turned her world upside down? Haha trust me its the 2nd one!!!!!
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Its a sexual position  where  the lady is sucking on the mans dick and the male is performing oral on the lady  its pretty fun
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Sixty-nine or 69 is the natural number which follows 68 and precedes seventy. It is referred to as an odious number as it is represented by and odd number of 1's in the binary form. It is a semi prime number.

In popular culture the number 69 is used to refer to a sexual position. It is a position which enables both the participants to stimulate each others genitalia by oral means. It is so called as the position in which the bodies are arranged looks like the number 6 adjoining the number 9. In French, this position is called as the soixante-neuf, which is basically the number. This particular sexual position is can be done in different ways, like lying down on top of one another, or by one person standing and holding the other one etc, depending on the couple's creativity as well as flexibility.
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69 means wen the two ppl give each other head at the same me its fun.its the best thing to do.soo basiclly your givin head and receiving at the same time.try and you will love it(I'm a pro at 69 :p)
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69 is something when a couple have oral sex

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It refers to when a couple (whether male/female, male/male, female/female) give each other oral at the same time.

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