Can Making Out Lead To Sex?


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'Making out' often leads to sex. This is because making out or kissing is a common form of 'foreplay'.

Foreplay is what we call the behaviour or activity that a couple might indulge in to achieve a state of sexual arousal leading up to full sex.

Why do people make out?

If you've ever watched a film where two adults end up having sex, the scene usually starts off with them kissing passionately first. While making out doesn't necessarily mean someone's going to have sex, it is often a precursor.

The reason that kissing and touching often leads to sex is because this type of activity 'warms the body up' for sexual intercourse.

To have sex, a guy's penis needs to be erect and hard. Making out usually gets him to this state. In the same way, a female's vagina naturally lubricates to facilitate the entry and friction caused by the penis. Without making out or stimulating the body, having sex would be very difficult.

Does kissing lead to sex?

Although making out is definitely an effective precursor to sex, it would be wrong to assume that making out naturally precedes sex.

Firstly, there are other ways that sexual arousal can be achieved without the meeting of lips.

Secondly, although making out may get you in the mood for sex, it's up to you whether you take the plunge and act on those impulses.

Finally, making out isn't a mechanical process that humans have to go through just to get to sex. Oftentimes, making out can be just as enjoyable as the sex itself.

The most important thing when making out with someone is to have a clear idea of how far you intend things to go before you lose yourself in the throes of passion. It can be easy, with all the hormones and feelings racing through your body, to get carried away when making out with someone and go further than you'd intended.

Until you're confident you know what you're doing, I'd suggest setting yourself boundaries based on what you feel comfortable doing beforehand.
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Yes, making out can lead to sex, but sometimes it happens cause you want to and it might be time to. If you love this person and you are making out really hard and you also want to have sex then slowly start to take their clothes off and if they follow along then you will end up having sex.

But don't have sex if you don't want to, especially if you think you have to because nobody has to have sex. So if you think you have to have sex to keep your boyfriend/girlfriend then check again cause that is definitely wrong, no-one can make you have sex. But anyway, yes - making out can sometimes lead to sex.
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Yes. I have been in that situation many times with the same guy, but I have stopped myself from having sex because I want to wait. Ladies, if you have a boyfriend that you like a lot, or maybe even love, then just make sure it's what you really want for you and your body.
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Yes. One minute you can be making out, the next you could have no clothes on and... Yeah.
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It depends if you get aroused or not but you'd better stop if you are and rethink if you really want to be doing that.

Most likely it will.
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Yes, of course it can, just as holding the car keys in your hand can lead to driving. The point is, at some point, you've got the make the decision to put the key in the lock, open the door, start the car and drive it away. The problem and difference between you and the car is quite simple -hormones.

With all of your hormones raging and flowing, it is no surprise that things can get hot and heavy very quicky. The question is whether you want it to. Heavy making out leads to a level of arousal that makes both people feel in the mood for sex, the question once again is where you stop.

If you are old enough and ready to have sex, then go ahead, but only if you want to. It should be a matter of love and not just physical lust that creates the desire to join with someone else in an act of bodily love and pleasure. There are so many emotional and psychological issues wrapped up in sex,  that I urge you think before you let your animal instinct take over.
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It sureee does! But you're totally in control of the situation.
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It depends on the person. Some people get more turned on by making out by others. It can lead to other stuff and may lead to sex but everyone is different.
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It sure can. If you don't want it to lead to sex, then maybe you shouldn't make out...All making out is, is a turn on for both partners and, yes, in the heat of the moment you may think that you want sex, but as it get closer and closer, you realize it's not really what you want.

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