What Does "Making Love" Means? And What Does "Sex" Means?


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Well you asked the right question: I have this boyfriend now and we like to use the term "make love" which means I didn't use you for sex I done it because I love you and "having sex" means I just wanted some I don't love you at all that's what I think anyway. But that's my opinion. Yes, sex and making love are the same in many ways but sex to me means he used you and making love is when they love you and want to show you by making love to you I know its confusing I had the same problem and still do. Good Luck if you find more better answers tell me.
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Honestly in my opinion unless you are wanting to take the consequences of std's and/or pregnancy use one, I mean if you are willing to take those consequences  then it's up to you. But unless you are truly in love and I mean truly I would definitely use one.
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Making love and sex almost mean the same, making love is used more offend when you're in love and you prefer using it for expressing your love, while sex is usually for intercourse.
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Technically, making love and having sex have traditionally meant exactly the same thing. However, in truth, having sex can be done without romantic feeling and so "making love" is many times used to describe an entirely different WAY of having sex, in which every touch is communicating great affection and caring for the other person. In that sense, there is a gigantic difference. However, when people are talking about whether a condom is needed, I do not think they are making any distinction. They are using "making love" as a more pleasant, softer, less graphic way of saying "having sex." It is simpler softer on the ear. On the other hand, what you describe is much, much broader. Cuddling, snuggling, exploring, playing is certainly an important part of TRULY "making love." This is often called simply petting or foreplay. But those words do not really capture it all. Nevertheless, if the context is discussions about when a condom is needed, I don't think in that sense people are thinking about the two as being any different. A WARNING: If you are going to pet and snuggle and explore with affection, THE TEMPTATION MAY GROW VERY STRONG to take it further. Therefore, PLANNING on just "making love" (without intercourse) IF YOU DO NOT HAVE a condom available may be VERY DANGEROUS. You may find that you are overwhelmed by desire -- during which the brain seems to shut off and it is very easy to do stupid things.
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Well I would say the "making love" is where you and the man your truely truely with all your heart and soul love and he loves you just the same instead of just getting to the point just wam bam that's it you gradually do things before you get to that point you kiss on each other and he just looks in your eyes and just kisses you gently and rubs his fingers through your hair (a woman can do the same) and you just gradually go slow and well sex is just doing it I mean getting to the point sort of like a quickie I would say but defiantely going very slow but just doing it then done its more romantic you know kissing and touches ones body and just looking at the person you love so much and you know he does as well I hope this information and my opinion helped.
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You probably should use one yes unless you are ready to take the consequences of possibly having a child or getting an STD. I mean if you are truly in love and I mean truly in love I guess it might be okay not to but you really should unless you are married.

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