What Does True Love Mean?


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True love waits, true love heals old wounds, true love makes you smile in the morning, true love makes love to you. True love cares about your feelings even when they are misguided, true love is patient, caring, loyal, absolute> Above all true love means that YOU can't see yourself w/out your true love. True love is hard to find so if you think you have it cherish it! God bless.
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Well I have never really experienced it myself but I know that it is a feeling undescribable. I thought I was a few times but it turned out horribly..when you truly love someone you would do anything to make them happy or help them, try to give them whats best and always want to be with them
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True love is when you found the absolute person who you have deep feelings for & you want to spend your life with
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When you love someone it means your committed to them and you'll do anything for them.
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True love is wonderful, it means you are friends, mates and love being around each other and don't worry about the times apart. As you trust them. They are more than just lovers, they are friends who grow with you and not apart
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True love is when you find that someone that makes you smile,you don't care what they look like or their past they love you with every bone in their body and you are inseparable together forever madly in love,but sadly that person is hard to find
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When you grieve for someone, when you think of that person every single moment, everytime you wish that person would have been with you, even dreaming about that person, when you can't think of anything else, when you forget hunger, sleep, the time and the day... And when all this happens to you that means you truly someone...
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True love can't really be explained in words... It is a feeling that is undying, everlasting, and when you truly fall in love... You just know it. It is something that you would be more then willing to do anything to protect, and something that can neer be broken no matter what happends. Thats really all that can be said....
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When you think of and pray for that person more than you do for yourself, when you can't stand to be away from that person for more than a hour,and a lot more...the best to you

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