Does true love die with time?


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Chrissy Milago Profile
Chrissy Milago answered
True love will never die.
Cheryle Masters Profile
Cheryle Masters answered
It doesn't have to.  I have heard of relationships where it lasts a lifetime (50-60+ years).
Adila Adila Profile
Adila Adila answered
If it's true love then it can't die so soon! Maybe if that person hurt you and used you, or did something to get you upset and made your love seem less, then in time as years pass by you may meet another person and it will reduce the love you have for another, you cannot simply break up with someone and instantly think or feel NO LOVE FOR THEM AT ALL! Because in that case you need to question "was it love at all?" how did you know it was love? Well thats what you don't know! If someone cheated that still doesn't mean the love is JUST GONE. You will be hurt with what they did but you still love them, just angry with them, and then after you break up you move apart, and the love dies down because they broke you. They tore your love that you gave them.
Allen nadar Profile
Allen nadar answered
Once characters are dead love will also die , if their love was so pure then it can be heard for a while
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Unfortunately everything in life dies and so does true love but only after both parties involved here do as no one else truly knows what they had while alive so everything that is born does have to die oneday too

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