How Does Love Work? If You Love Somebody Truly, Will It Vanish With Time And Distance?


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Just like a fire needs to be fed in order to keep the passion burning, so does your relationship. If your love starts to fade it will be because you stopped feeding it, phone calls, letters, looking at pictures, fantasizing etc. All will keep the passion burning. 56% of all marriages end in divorce yet none planned it and most will say they really loved each other, but fell out of love. You don't fall out of love, you stop giving and receiving love. Keep working at it and no matter how far apart you are, when you reunited, it will be like the first time all over again.
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The truth is... No matter how far away you are from the one that you loved that love will always be there. I was always told since the day I left my ex that distance would eventually catch up with me and I would be over him. It's been 2 years and 3 states away and I'm still mourning over his love. Time does heal pain but it doesn't make you forget love. If your in a long distance relationship you can't think about the distance, It will only make your relationship feel harder than it is. Time and distance will play its role but if its true love then they wont effect how you feel about your love
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No it won't vanish with time or distance. The old saying is absence makes the heart grow fonder; you can't just forget someone you truly love. There is no time or distance as long as they are in your heart,
and imagine the excitement of seeing each other again. That is when you know true love hasn't vanished.
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Love is amazing.
Its something many fail to see because most people are too materialistic or self centered to realize they're in love.
Being truly madly deeply in love you will do ANYTHING for that person, and that is amazing.
Love is selfless and grows stronger by each minute, each hour, each mile.
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Love works in all different ways and no it doesn't just vanish. As people always say you can fall into love very quickly but it takes a hell of a long time to get over it. Some people find that the more you're away from somebody you love the more you grow to love them!!! I really hope I've helped....
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I agree True Love will not vanish. Time & distance only makes you appreciate what you have, & want to protect it with everything inside you. Love is a precious thing that fills you with every bit of emotion possible & can get you through any obsticale, but Love alone can not make things work. You have to want things to work out & put effort into making your Happily Every After come true.
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Love is something deep down in the soul.... When you sleep at night yu wishing they was there when you wake they the 1st person on your mind. Wen yu get this sparkling feeln n this glow into your eyes wen yu see them.... Wen your lips touch theres its like magic like never before. Yu knw wen yu loves sumbdy wen it hurt and makes yu wanta cry wen yu don't want them out your sight wen nothn else matter bt them... Yu don't care what others say its just me n you I'm worried bt attitude... Wen yu truly love some1 it never vanish especially wen ure n love it don't matter if yu have broke up n havent seen eachother n yrs da love will never change no matter what da case may b you may nt b n lovee wyth that person anymre bt da love will never change...
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Love is amazing. I fell in love with my man and we have been together for a long time. I only get to see him on the weekends because I'm young... 17. Hes not that much older than I am. We are engaged and are happy with each other. Love doesnt just vanish. It stays for a long time.

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