What Do You Do If You're Not Sure About Your Relationship And You're Sure You Want To Be In It? But Don't Want To Regret Anything?


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first take some time to really think about what you want.
Do you honestly think you want to be in the relationship at all?
As far as not wanting to regret anything.. Good luck. Unless you are perfect, there will always be something you regret.  You will not be able to live without having regrets. Be true to yourself
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If I had that answer I would bottle & sell it and become a millionaire. Unfortunately, I don't think anyone really has that answer. I think the best you can do is stick it out, do your best to make things work and examine yourself as much as you do your partner. If you feel that there might be something you will regret, either by staying with with him or by leaving him, you should consider what those regrets would be and see if it is worth staying or leaving. Also, if you're "not sure" about this relationship, maybe the 2 of you are not communicating well enough. Talking can bring forth understanding. Have you been in the relationship long?
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Thank you very much. That did help me. We've been dating for about 4 and half to five months coming up on the 7th of February. I like him a lot, but i'm not totally sure if this is what i want in the long run. I try to communicate with him more in person than on texting and that has somewhat worked, but lately it's been getting better and my feelings are growing for him. I just need to know if this is what i want? I'm not the type to be in a relationship, so that's why this is very hard for me.
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Well good luck to you and glad I could help. I know that for me, sometimes I know the answer but I just need to hear it from someone else sometimes, you know what I mean? If your feelings are growing for him, then you do have a little spark in your heart for him. Give it a little time. See what happens. Good luck!
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I've been in my relationship with my man going on 2 years. We got together 5 months after my husbands death, we were friends w/benefits and our feelings developed into something more than just friends. Two months ago he came and told me that he was in love with me and that he wanted to be with me now, he says he had two dreams that woke him up in the middle of the night that got him thinking as to whether he wants this or not. His actions says he does and his words are wishy washy. But when he told me two months ago that he did, his words and his actions came together to make one. Do I have anything to really worry about? He's not a rebounded relationship for me, my feelings I have for him are soley for him. He makes me happy and from what he shares with me I make him happy. Is love really enough to keep two people together?

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