What if a guy wants you to move in with them and your are not sure because you only know them from over the phone ane on myspace?what should i do?


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Ziad Khan answered
This is unbelieveable! =0
Because you know a guy from myspace and you contact him using a phone I think it would be terrible if you move in with him. I mean how can you even think of it when you don't even know him properly? Ok, lets assume that you like him then meet and find out what kind of a guy he is. Explore each other and find out if he really has feelings for you, Most guys want sex, keep that in mind and usually guys like this don't have much patience. I am a guy myself and I hope you make the right decision because usually people realize their mistakes after committing their mistakes. Talk to your friends who you trust and I'm sure they will be able to help you.
Hope it helps.
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C'mon, you know better than that ! You can't move in with him, because you barely know him if you only contact him with phones and myspace !
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You should not even consider moving in with this person .  You need to start meeting in person, to get to know them better .

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