I want to hang out with these awesome girls (I don't like any of them, they're just cool), and they always act friendly when I talk to them (which is rare). But I'm not sure if I should ask or not? What do you think?


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Nice Girl Profile
Nice Girl answered

I think you should ask them! Go to them and ask if they wanna hang out with you just as friends... I'm sure they will.

Rat Mat Profile
Rat Mat answered

if you are not sure then just have some spy time on them. If they are good then yes, if not then no.

Lilly Gray Profile
Lilly Gray answered

Like, I know I'm about three years late but... I thought you didn't like any of them? Why would you want to hang out with them.

Darik Majoren Profile
Darik Majoren answered

Its like holding a lit cigarette in your hand because you think cigarettes are cool looking . . . But never smoking it.

If you do not like them, then why associate with them? To achieve "Coolness" one must seek that within, that makes THEM cool . . . . Other wise it is known as a "Poser". You are posing as something you are not so that your social status will grow . . .

Be like Fonzy . . . Just be cool all on your own, no fake friends required.

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