Why am I annoyed by roommates for no reason? This happens with every roommate. Their breathing and snoring starts to repulse me. Their presence when I wake is usually met by an unnecessary feeling of agression, as if it wasn’t their room as well. The persons voice and the smallest, most benign mannerisms become unbearable. I know it isn’t rational. It worries me because I do want to marry one day, so I don’t know how i’d cope with sharing a space with a spouse. Is there an Explanation. 

EDIT: For the answers  saying "live on your own", I can’t . I am in college and live in a dorm. I am currently studying  abroad in Europe, so I have someone in my room and then 5 other people in the apartment. I should have mentioned that. It wouldn't be a problem if I could get away from them.


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It's different when you are in love.

Do NOT live together until you are head over heels in love. Then their breathing will make you happy.

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That's why they invented separate bedrooms.

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Im in college, having a roommate is required...
Walt O'Reagun
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Then I would recommend doing what so many people do ... getting a job and renting a small apartment.

Or get out of the dorm room more, so you aren't around them as much.
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I dont speak the local language. Check the edited question.
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We can't tell you why you don't like having a roommate. And the aggression you are talking about is worrisome.  I think you need to either find a way to live on your own, or talk to a counselor.  As for being married, you will tolerate more from a spouse than you will from anyone else. I have been married for over 20 years and there are things he does that bother the crap out of me. Since I love him I just ask him for the twenty millionth time to rinse off his dish, or stomp the dirt out of his boots. He is making progress though. The dish is now IN the sink, and usually soaking in water.

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