Guys in my town don't have interest in me? I never had a boyfriend in my town, they only want to date tiny blondes. I'm a tiny brunette with olive skin because I'm Sicilian and I look different from them.


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Every girl is beautiful, it just takes the right guy to see it. So if you didn't have boyfriend by now, means your right guy not arrived yet, you should also know so many success in life earn by being patient, you need to also notice that you're one step ahead of everyone around you, you never involved yourself in a drama, you never been a victim of a wrong guy and you don't have a broken heart already.

The most important point, as you can see, what those boys want is blonde hair so they don't want a right promising relation nor a decent girl. They are just bunch of players which you must be happy that you're out of their game. You need someone who wants you for who you are not your hair or skin color. Colors, sizes and numbers aren't the important points, what counts is not your physical appearance and shape but your heart and soul and what's in your mind.

So you should know you have nothing less than other girls around you, you have your own unique style and you need to be happy in your own skin. Stay who you are, be confidential and believe in yourself. You don't need those immature guys to complete yourself. Live happy and follow your goals and the right guy for you will arrive in time, so be patient and stop looking. Just be happy with your life and stand on your feet, be an independent lady and start living your life to the fullest.

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Worry about yourself first. If you spend all your time chasing what you think other people want, you're never going to get anywhere. That's beyond unattractive if not worthless.

Go to the gym, get fit. Go to college, get a professional education. Get internships, develop a good career. Read skill building books. Volunteer locally. Find a hobby you're passionate about and pursue it during your free time.

Do fun activities around town and make friends with strangers:

Learn how to dress well:

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