How to improve skin in a week?
I tend to break out a lot and get very dry skin. I don't have enough money to buy anything for it, so any at home remedies I can use? I'm flying out to see my boyfriend in a week and want my skin to look nice.


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I don't think there's  any magic cream to improve your skin despite what all those girly magazines try to sell us  ... Drink eight glasses of water a day and eat clean natural foods . I have beutiful skin if I do say so myself :p no oil of Olay  required :p

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Lol :) since you mentioned "peeing " one way to tell you are getting enough water and are eating clean is if your urine is clear .. most people think urine should be yellow but NO !! Also if you see this don't make light of your eating disorder please. I like you and you remind me of myself when I was young ... So don't let someone be rude to you by laughing it off :/ and keep your "pee " clear ;)
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okay thank you! :D Lol, i was drinking a lot of monsters lately so my pee has been this kind of neon colour... XD but im cutting back on those now, ill just stick to water :) :) and thank you so very much :)
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You're welcome :) water water water !! :p
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I read that taking a long, hot shower or bath at the end of the day is a ritual many people enjoy. However, meticulous cleansing could be causing many skin problems. People are showering too often for too long and using the wrong types of products on their skin. Explains one dermatologist: “We all like to feel squeaky clean but in fact, feeling squeaky clean means the skin has been damaged . . . People are feeling good but doing harm.” Why? Because overly zealous washing habits will leave your skin “stripped of natural oils, and its protective barrier of micro-organisms is disarray. And the body is prone to tiny cracks and scarring."

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AnnNettie is very correct. I used to do a lot of herbal treatments and natural food (It was a kick I was on in my 20's). One thing I noticed is that most of the research I came across actually discouraged excessive showering or bathing. Unless you have a really stinky/dirty/sweaty job showering/bathing every other day is better for you. Some people, like myself have very oily skin, so I can just barely go every 2 days, but as long as I don't smell (and I don't have a sweaty job) I try to keep that ritual.

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