Boyfreind chooses to tear down car. He has money for mechanic. Car not working for a week. He doesn't want to stay at home to work on it, but rather go dancing. I don't want to use my car gas and don't want to ride in his "old" car. How do I tell him?


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Walt O'Reagun answered

Was it YOUR car?

If so ... Tell your boyfriend he either fixes it in the next two days, or he'll pay the mechanic to fix it.  Then if you have to take it to the mechanic, file a small claims suit against your boyfriend.

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Karl Sagan answered

It would be better for you to talk to him. Well, if he keeps refusing, and you won't have any other options, you can check out various companies like Exotic Car Rentals Miami and rent a car there, it's pretty convenient as well. But as I said, it's better for you two to have a conversation about that.

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