Prove, Prove, Prove. My Boyfriend Doesn't Seem To Trust Me Anymore. He Seems To Want A Little Prove For A Lot Of Things. He Doesn't Seem To Believe In Me. And He Says That I Don't Show That I Love Him Like I Used To. But I Love Him. What Should I Do?


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wilbert u can call me sue Profile
Sometimes, people change, and if you can get over this hump, it may be worth while. But if he continues to act in this manner and only gets worse, keep help from a therapist
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I am Life..... answered
Well, that sounds awkward... Ask him for the reasons for which he lost his trust in you, what is making him doubt about everything you do or did..... Talk to him in person about the whole matter, and make him understand that you are true to him and that you love him with all you got..... And it hurts to know that he doesn't trust you, may be ist his possessiveness towards you that's making him do this and maybe its something else..... Talk things out and sort it all out before its too late.....

Best of luck and take care.....

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