I think I love my best friend. I don't want to lose him but I'd like to tell him out of respect.. I know he doesn't like me back though. What can I say that doesn't make me sound like a total derp? I don't want to scare him off..


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I'm not sure if I'm reading this correctly. You believe that you love your best friend, but are not sure he likes you.

If he's your best friend, why wouldn't he like you?

Also, when you say that you believe that you love him, are you talking a romantic love or the love that you have for a friend? If it's a romantic love and you share that with him, knowing that he's not gay (I'm guessing you are....?), you might cause your best friend relationship to be really awkward. He would know you love him, yet he just wants to have a friendship with you.

Not every feeling needs to be expressed especially if you know the outcome may not be good.

I would re-think your decision to share this with him. I don't know about you, but when I become really close to someone, there's an intimacy that is shared between the two people that sometimes causes people to believe that the feelings they are having are love, when it could be a crush or just the intimacy shared.

If you are determined to share this, know that this could break the friendship you have with him, if he doesn't share your feelings and may feel like being around you would be awkward. Good luck.

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Roy Lovett
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I am gay and I have sort of a crush on him, it's been built up for so long and I do think I love him. He does love me, I'm his bro but his feelings aren't the same. I thought I should be honest with him but if the outcome won't be good and I don't wanna hurt the friendship, I can keep to myself. I'm not sure on his sexuality;/ Thank you very much for your answer!
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You might ask him some testing questions, such as "what do you think about the new gay marriage ban being struck down?', so you can get a feel for how he thinks.
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You're very smart, thank you 'much! :) I'll try that ^^ he's supportive of me (he knows I'm not straight.. I didn't have to tell him xD.. ) So he'd be supportive and answer that way. :/ I could still ask that but I need to think of a good question to follow up with it ^^
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Tell him!

There's this quote I try to live by, "Say it, before it's to late."

If your friend doesn't feel the same way, he might get a bit distant, just give him time, I'm sure he'll come around sooner or later.

Good Luck! (:

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Roy Lovett
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I'll take the advice from the above comment and if it goes well, I'll take your advice and tell him how I feel :) I wouldn't want to lose him if he were straight and didn't like me. You're very smart too ^^ thank you very much :D
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Sounds great! I hope everything goes well!

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