I'm in this complicated long distance relationship and I want to show my boyfriend that I love him, but I don't get to see him. What can I do or say to let him know that he's my everything and he means a lot to me?


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Hi,  Marlene I'm following you and the best thing about distance is it gives you time to think, so go ahead and when yiou next communicate, sign it off with love and well what can you  say to let him know - how about I love you. If he means everthing to you, sometimes a man flees from the respnsibility of this very strong emotion.... This does not mean that he does not have strong feelings for yoiu, but hey Marlene, these guys out there sure as 'h' get panicky as times when they feel pressurw to respond in the same language as we women do... That's the problem, men and women may speak the same language but tthe lino - the syntax, is different. So play it cool, by demonstration show hin you love him and care and well, try simplicity'I I love you. Send him a text and mak sue you keep a profile in his life... As it is distant.
Hope useful.
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Okay:) so ill try to be sweet but also not suffocate him:D thank youuuuuu!!!:)))
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Hey Marlene he's be right mmm in another space if he did not recognise what a great experience he could have and an truly genuine - not the crap that often goes on, someone who cares is so important in a man and a woman's life.
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Youre right about long distant relationships being complicated as sooner or later, unfortunately the "out of sight, out of mind"  comes into play and its hard without seeing each other to prove your love so the best you can do is way of emails, texts, calls, etc,. But be very careful to not overdo it and smother each other. Trust plays a huge part here but without human contact  it puts a huge strain on it and majority don't survive the test of time so always be prepared but don't show it. There are always excptions to every rule so maybe your relationship will be one of those. Contact at least once a day but expect him to be busy or tied up so not to jump to invalid conclusions, and pray. Good luck
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First off, quit texting and call him. Hearing his voice will be so much more fun than pathetic letters. Second off - don't have sex with him to show him that you love him. It will just ruin things.
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Your welcome Marlene :3 x
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As a guy..I wouldn't agree with the above statement => "don't have sex with him to show him that you love him." Whether you like it or not guys determine how close they feel (love) with a girl/woman by being more and more sexual with the female he's with. By having sex with her he feels closer to her!

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