My Boyfriend He Is Childish And He Refuses To Accept That He Is Childish And Back Fired Me Everything That I Say To Him And Whenever I Want To Talk Nicely To Him He Started An Argument. Can You Help?


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There may be an underlying issue in you guys relationship which is causing him to act childishly.  He obviously has a problem communicating effectively with you.  There seems to be a compatibility issue.  He may be argumentative to feel like he has the upper hand.  I always say, you can't change a person, but you can always change you.  You have to determine if it worth putting up with this type of behavior in a relationship, which is obviously quite annoying to you.  Bring it to his attention and see how he responds.  Have you made him aware of it?
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I'm personally going through the same exact thing.  My man is very defensive even when I try to politely talk to him about anything and turns a mountain into a mole hill liken a child.  I find that most of the time when men  have other stress in their life whether that be a hard job or even when their hungry they are impossible to talk to.  I would simply ask him first how was his day and when you talk to him try not to use the word YOU because people become very defensive when that word is being used.  If hes sleepy or tired or even hungry forget about talking to him because it isn't going to work.  Try writing him a letter too.  Sometimes it works for me because he doesn't have a chance to get defensive and hes able to go through the day and think about it.  Sometimes when we talk to men they don't know what to say because they feel like they are put on the spot.  It bites that we have to do it that way but in this case you're going to have to and try not to talk to him as if he is a child or even call him childish. Be the bigger person and don't lash or name call him.  Hope this helps
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Sometimes you have to look at yourself also and make sure you are not just as much at fault as him. He may just feel the same way you do about the situation.

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