My Boyfriend's Attitude Is Terrible, I Hate The Way He Treats Me, How Can I Help Him Change It?


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Maybe he needs to go to some counseling he sounds like he will get violent one day so if I were you I will be careful because he kinda sounds overprotective or some so be careful be safe talk to him let him no you not going anywhere so you don't have to get mad...
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Thanks for the advice, but where i come from we don't have that here, i mean conciling and all.....
You are right thou he is overprotective and all but I was wondering if there is anything I can say or do to him so to help him change....
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Oh god !! I'm going through the same case... Its so disturbing... Like m going nuts trying to change him in all possible ways... I can't give up on our relationship either...I don't know what to do... I changed myself (as in doing what he prefers) for him but then he doesn't improve his attitude... If I try to make him understand by talking it out... He takes it is a totally negative way... I'm seriously very upset right now...we have been in a relationship since 3 yrs..... But his negative attitude gets worsen since the last 8 months... I'm very very depressed about this whole thing... I wish someone could help !!
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Look at the question from another angle...what would you tell your very best friend if
she had that same problem? Most likely you'd tell her that there's more fish out
there than the one she hooked. If you only get heart-ache out of a relationship,
then get out of it. Life is too short to live being miserable and ill-treated. If this
guy can't treat you like a thinking, feeling person, then get shuck of him and
find one who can. Your boyfriend sounds like he has room for only one
love in his life...and it ain't you. Be as polite as he will let you be, but if he
decides to get nasty, get away from him (make sure you're not out in the
middle of nowhere when you bring the subject up. Home might be better
for you, he's not so likely to show his true colors. Talk to your parents/family
before you do any of it. And if he does, you have reinforcements.
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Break him up.
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The foundation for a proper attitude consists of developing the habit of thinking positive thoughts.  Good luck.
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My boyfriend's attitude is terrible I hate it when he get's mad for no reason and then he'll break up with me and when he calm's down he'll call me and want to get back with me. I don't understand him he either wants to be with me or not
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Talk to him about it or if it makes you feel upset you might want to think about splitting up . Good luck
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It is a good thing that you see this behavior as negative. It is not advisable to further such a relationship. Going into a relationship with someone, hoping they will change is not wise. You see the controlling behavior now. The vast majority of these people do not change unless highly motivated to do so. If you continue, and you know, then when it becomes a serious problem, you need to consider, about what you will do then. It is a difficult road, that you are laying for yourself.
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Well for starters I would have to ask some questions. How long has he been treating you this way? What does he do to make you think he treats you badly? Well this being said, I can give you some advice. Try to get him to talk to you about what is bothering him. So many times guys can be in a bad mood and treat those the closest to them very harshly. Just recently I was in a bad mood for the whole week. I didn't know what in the world was wrong with me. Thankfully, my girlfriend stepped in and said "Hey you got a lot going on!!" "Maybe we should try to talk about it." After the conversation I felt ten thousand times better and our relationship just continued to grow. I hope this helps you. Just try to talk with him and get it out of him some way :)
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NoNi: Oh my god me too he is excatly the same he is jealous he don't let me wear short dresses or short skirts , no going out with my friendz !! He want me to do wht ever he wants and if I didn he start fighting nd these days his attitude is changing he is like what ever !!
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I am going through the same thing, 2 seconds a go he hung up because he "can not be bothered". Unfortunately there is no simple answer, whatever you say he will take it as you moaning and trying to change him. Either live with it or get out!
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You know what you need to do? Leave him break up with him but do it when a family member is around so he won't get violent.

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