I keep dreaming that me and my boyfriend are broken up and that he's with some one else. :( Does that mean that that's how he really feels? Or is it just my fear of losing him? Help me PLEASE!


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It's the fear of losing him... I used to have dreams like you too. When you're with someone that you truly like/love/admire you're subconsciousness reminds you how much this person means to you.

Try talking to him to confirm your feelings. Is he seeing someone else in "real life?" Joke about it. I hope he feels the same. My ex BF, who's my really good friend now, had the same dreams of me leaving him too. In fact, he had more dreams about me leaving him than I did when we were dating. Of course, he tells me sometimes that he never wants to lose me. I let him have his freedom, crazy friends, and we spoke like best friends 90% of the time. Thus, he dreamed a lot about me leaving his side. Being familiar with someone or something is key to comfort. So, I hope it's truly mutual between you and him.

Good luck.
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In the back of my mind that he is being unfaithful. Like today he called me and im the one that usually calls him. So i know that im on his mind..
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Awweee... It sounds like you both are sincere in this relationship. And it's hard to get rid of dreams like that, even though you both have mutual feelings... It's really your subconsciousness, something you can't control. Dreams place us in difficult matters sometimes and it's hard to control emotions in them. I know how you feel though because I hate it when the dream feels so real and your emotions go bonkers. Just remember to distinguish what is real and what is a dream...
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It's definitely the fear of losing him that's making you dream of such things. My friend, with true love comes in a deep feeling of being possessive... You are truly madly deeply in love with him and can not even think about losing him.

And if your man loves you as much as you do then I am sure sharing this with him will help you feel better.. You can speak to him about such dreams but couple it with a promise of loving him until eternity.

I am sure, if his love for you is true, he will help you feel better and get over this fear of yours in the best manner a true lover would do.

Take care dear... Trust him.. Love him.. And deepen it. :)

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