My husband pushes my buttons to make me lose my temper. It's just one of the many ways he trys to make himself look good and me bad. He knows that I have to put up with it because I have no where to go and no one else to help me?


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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

You can always contact a local womens help group for any help here and if you can prove emotional or physical abuse, then most groups will help you get out but it wont be easy as youll be starting all over and kids will go with you. Just follow what they tell you including filing for Divorce and youll be fine so now the choice is yours. Good luck

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You need to talk to a lawyer and find out exactly where you stand financially.

It does sound as thought mental abuse is involved in which case call one of the helplines for abused women and they will be able to help. The other thing you can try is talking to a psychologist or therapist and learn to not react to your husband goading you.  If you change the way you deal with him then he has to change how he relates to you because the old way isn't working for him anymore.  He probably gets a kick out of pushing your buttons so if you don't explode then what's the use of him doing it?  In any case you need help with this you're not alone there are agencies and other sources to help you get through this. 

You don't have to live like this.

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Jann Nikka answered

No one can make us mad, upset or angry. Its a choice. That beings said you can leave if and when YOU get ready.

Here's a list €

Job, savings, friends, 401K, acquaintances, family, relatives, police can give shelter information, churches are very good at helping women and children, women groups, Salvation Army has beds, food and lots of community services, you can stay at a hospital emergency room for a couple of days, your car and use a 24 hour gym for rest and showers Goodwill and Google.

If you want to leave you will and if you want to find reasons/excuses to stay you will. 

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