HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS!?!?!?! In my class I literally know NO ONE, and everyone is friends with everyone else, and it's just so hard! Please help!!!!


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Be friendly, but not pushy.  It might help to join groups who have similar interests to yours ... Like drama club, chorus, track team, chess club.  Don't worry; I'm sure you will form some great friendships before long.

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Don't try too hard. It is impossible to force friendship. Just be yourself and be friendly and people who are similar to you in any way will notice you.

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Nice Girl
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That's absolutely correct! Just enjoy have fun and I'm sure you'll get many friends
Hanna  Hannashafik
Look for a new student in class that doesn't know anyone and just be nice to her. Start with a simple "hello" to get her attention .
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It really just depends on your age. Just try joining some sports and clubs. Sit with different people everyday and ask questions ("how are you doing?" "what are you doing this weekend?") Stay calm, cool, and collected and it will hopefully come naturally! I used to be really shy and now I am one of the most popular girl in school... Take your time don't try too hard! Good Luck!

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