Is It My Fault That I Got Abused?


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As the others have already said, no. It is never the abused one's fault.
It is very often a part of being abused that the victim begins to have thoughts or comes to believe it was their fault. Keep talking about it and asking this question and you will find truth, peace of mind, and hopefully some healing along the way...
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It is NEVER the fault of an abuse victim. EVER.
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Absolutely, positively it is NOT YOUR FAULT. Do not every let anyone tell you that it is your fault or suggest that you could have done something to stop it. You did not say anything, or wear anything, or do anything to cause this. Your abuser might like for you to think that is so. If you do believe it is your fault, you might take some of the blame off of him. Do not share in the blame!!! Believe me, nothing is further from the truth. You are innocent and he is guilty...period!! I would suggest to you, if you feel strong enough, that you report this person to the police. It is proven that this is something that continues to happen over and over again. If this person has access to other will happen again & again. I hate to put that burden on you but if it is in your power to stop this person, you must do it. Report him to the police so that no other child has to endure what you have.
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I was abused as a child and I do not think it was my fault. I think it is because some Adults are not ready for children. The pressure and the responsibility of running a household and trying to balance children with little or no formal training is the problem. It is never your fault to be abused by anyone if you are a child. If you are an Adult and you allow someone to continually abuse you then it is your call but never your fault, you just need to seek professional help. Take care.
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In my opinion there is never, ever, an acceptable excuse for abusing a child. I do not care what type pressure someone is under or the lack of training they have, love should overcome any idea that I will beat my child or sexually abuse my child because they did not do what I said. Anyone with God given sense knows it is wrong to use a belt, stick, hairbrush etc. To hit a child! Why do they use such a weapon? They don't want to hurt their hand when they are thrashing a child . What a coward!
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I'm 16 but when i was a bit younger my father use to abuse me.  It's stopped now but he still has anger problems. I would never say it was my fault but like Joan said there was no excuse for the abuse. No amount of pressure means you can hurt someone else even if they're not a child actually.
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Not unless you attacked someone.
No one deserves to be abused unless they are abusing the person who retaliates.

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