How do you move on after being abused, i was a victim of child abuse and then i was abused by a girlfriend in adult life. Memories of the abuse is all that fills my head, how can i make myself forget and just get on with some kind of life?


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Professional help can help you sort through your emotions.  If you are a Christian, a pastor.  If you are a Christian stay connected to your church.  Get involved.  Prayer helps.
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I was abused throughout my entire childhood. When I was 5, I remember my dad pointing a loaded gun to my brother and my head asking who wants to die first. When my mom got remarried, my step dad would beat me. When I was 11, I moved to texas to be with my dad who starved us, neglected us and beat us and threw us in cps. When I was 13, I lived with my mom and her bf....her bf beat and neglected me. I was molested at 10 by my grandfather and almost beat to death when I was 13.
I just see it as I will never allow anyone to have that power over me again and all the abuse I took just made me a stronger person.
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I know where your coming from I too was a victim for a very long time and again in adulthood all that fills my head everyday is the memories so much hard work I'm awaiting to see a psycologist I'm hoping she can help moving on can be tough I hope you get the support you totally deserve hun I'm now 29 years old and my life just haunts me medication can help abit but can't take it all away take each day as it comes thats what I try to do and remember their is support out there I'm finding that out now and trust can be a huge issue learning to talk with professionals good luck sweety contact me any time.
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Seek council from a higher power. 1 Peter 5:7 Cast your cares on him for he cares for you. The Lord is there for you at the call of his name all you have to do is trust and believe.

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