If You Discovered A Child Was Being Abused And Neglected, What Would You Do?


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I agree, I believe that you should turn this case in I'm sure the child will be better of  some where else other than with his mom. I've heard of many cases where the children end up killed by their own parents. The child need  love and attention I think you should do something before he ends up very hurt of even killed.
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You need to call authorities immediately to help this child.  He cannot defend himself and you are the one who can help him.
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Thank you all. Please know that I've had every intention of calling, I was just trying to find the best way to go about doing it. You're all right. None of that matters more than making sure the little boy is safe. Thanks again....and send prayers our way! :)
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...to him.  Daniel's mother is going to different doctors, having them prescribe medications for him because she can't handle his behavior.  He is currently on 15 different medication.  He has been in the pavilion 3 times already because the mom calls the police when she thinks he gets out of control.  They keep him for a week to get him off his medication.  They had him down to 3 meds a day and he behaved much better.  That number is back up to 15. She goes several days without bathing him, put's him in ill fitting clothes, even though Todd and Jamie bought him new ones.  She doesn't even do their laundry, he wears dirty clothes.  Jamie says that when Daniel takes his pills, he becomes very lethargic.  He'll turn his head and then his eyes will follow to see something.  He comes to Todd's house with bruises and bite marks, he acts as though he's starving.  He can't get enough to eat, and gets very worried if he thinks he'll be going home to mom before Jamie and Todd have dinner.  Jamie wants to turn her in, but is afraid that Daniel will end up lost in the foster system.  Todd has a record, has been to prison twice for DUIs and Jamie is afraid that Todd won't be able to get custody.  I know I have to turn this in.  I'm thinking of calling the school (our children attend the same school) and asking them to call cps.  That way she won't know it was me.  I want to be able to support her when she has to deal with everything that will happen.  How would you go about doing this...any advice?
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   I think for the safety of the child you really need to turn this in. It doesn't matter that the child might go into a foster home, at least he won't be dealing with this constant abuse. And his father will most likely be able to see the son, especially if he turns the mother in for this, he should be thinking this way.
   That poor kid clearly shows that he doesn't want to be around his mother, and with all those medicines, he is probably behind mentally, emotionally and socially, he is being damaged severely because the mother doesn't want to be a mother obviously.
   She is better off being turned in. I am sorry to be so blunt about this, but I feel strongly about the welfare of this child, being a mother of 4 and a grandmother also. Please you and the father should get together with the school and turn the mother in! Please let me know what happens? I am very concerned. Hope this helps, good luck to all of you.
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I'm with tiggersmom on this,if you turn your head and you have the opportunity to help this little boy and don't he could end up in more hurtful situations,it is not a bad thing to get involved in this particular case,he needs someone to care for him,even though the father has a record,if he's kept his word to do as he should there should be no problems with him being given to his dad,they usually look to family first to place him once the father has been checked out as being stable with an income,and a home to offer his son with no more dui's he will be put  on the top of the list to get his son back,please you have a chance to help,don't wait till its to late!the support starts now,whether its done quietly,or expressed alOUD,HELP THE CHILD.
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Call Child Protective Services. Immediately. You can call anonymously. But you need to call.
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I would contact dhs and tell them you want to remain anonymous talking to the school to would help but something needs to be done soon but talk to someone and remain anonymous about it
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Go to the school and tell what you know,I feel real bad for this child and I know anyone that knows of anything happening to a child that is harmful would feel bad if something happen to him because no one helped,start with the school and let them report it. This is horrible,at this point I don't think I would care and would still try to be there for her if she needed me.....someone help this child. Put all the buts and what ifs behind you and decide what you are going to do to help a innocent child....  

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