What would you do if your child or teen slapped and spit in your face? 


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They'd have to try and pick up their teeth with their broken fingers.

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Ancient Hippy
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I understand that Tyto. When a person has children and invests their entire heart in them for their entire lives, a slap in the face to the parent is something that can't be taken lightly.
Sharron Prestcott
Well said Ancient Hippy!
Bikergirl Anonymous
I agree Hippy .. there would be serious consequences in my household too
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I rule my house based on respect. That would be considered disrespectful, and I would deal with that disrespect accordingly.

Growing up we never hit our kids, to use violence in our home would be unusual and shocking. They know that if they ever went there they better be ready for the consequences. Believe me when I tell you that entertaining the idea would be as far as they would ever go. I'm a formidable woman. If they went there it would not be pretty.

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I'd take them down at the knees and then take away everything they own, except for the bed and the clothes on their back.

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I don't hit children, but I do make them fly out the front door.

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If as a parent I am controlling my child's environment for his or her benefit---as every good parent should do---and there is no underlying pathology present, then I would certainly try to figure out what had caused my child to feel that degree of frustration to breed that degree of aggression whether it be directed at me or at someone else. 

Parental love delivers whenever possible.

It seems both possible and desirable as a first approximation.

If that aggression were to simply turn inward, there may be a suicide that I could have prevented.

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After they regained consciousness, I'd explain to them that their life has just drastically changed.  I'd also mention that if they even think of doing such a thing again, they can expect to be seeing the police. 

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As Judge Judy said "if they're living in your house and you are their sole support then you own the air that they breathe"

If it were a child who did that to me I'd blister their backside, take away all privileges and point out that I've never done that to them and it must never, ever happen again.

If it were a teenager I'd take away everything, phone, no TV or video games, straight home from school and also get through to them that there would be no warning next time I'd file charges of assault.

I raised my children to respect others and believe me I've got a voice that made them jump if they made me angry, it wasn't easy when they were teenagers but if they ever hit or spit on me we'll just say you don't want to get mama angry.

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JNicka.......I just came across your question and let me just say as a parent,  an auntie, and the oldest child a lot of child rearing fell on me.  As I told Anonymous, I couldn't fatham a child that I had a share in raising, talking or treating me in a disrespectful manner.  My siblings and I were raised the (old school way) to respect our elders, stay in our place as a child and to speak when spoken too.  All those that I have had a hand in raising understand that I will do everything I can to help them deal with life pressures, smother them with love, care for them when they are sick, treat them with the utmost respect and give them words of wisdom to live by. Their ages range from 36 the oldest to 18 the youngest, it doesn't matter how old you are you want to be treated by others as you would want to be treated.  (Matthew 7:12).  Now, all of mine know how I am and growing up around me have been given fair warning for being disrepectful or disobedience behavior.  That being said, there would not be any more warnings.  The bottom line is this:  "They would be sucking air out of a straw if not for the rest of their lives - definitely for a very very very long time."

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