What would you do if your boyfriend forgot your birthday?


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Lianna Lins answered
Haha, sounds like something my bf might do, he's terribly forgetful. I honestly wouldn't break up over something like that. I would just be mad at him, tell him it made me disappointed, and make him feel bad about it. Then when he apologises, I'd make him do something for me, like take me out somewhere cool or give me a massage xD
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Sam Eggleton answered
He's probly pretending he forgot so he can surpise you later. But if he really did remind him and tell him your really hurt and he'll make it up too you at tht second ;)
Michelle Mondragon Profile
I'll be like ....me and you ....its over babe ....sowwy haha
Addilynn Addilynn Profile
Think its kinda cute ...he might be jus forgetful doesnt mean he's a bad boyfrend...he cud be the nicect sweetest person ever...we're not perfect...but then...forget his b-day on purpose! 8)
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Deston Elite answered

If my partner (if I had one) forgot my birthday, I'd be really upset. Then, I'd start planning to forget their birthday when their birthday comes around and when they ask how I could forget, I'd be like, "Take that, cuz karma's a b****".

It wouldn't happen, though, because the months would pass by and I would forget that I planned to forget.

mattison belcher Profile
Or kick him in his uh-ooos
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Zach G. answered
Whether it is a boyfriend or girlfriend..... Being in such a relationship means consideration for your partner, and appreciation as well.
And forgetting such a thing shows no appreciation or consideration
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Adrian Masters answered
I have been telling people for a while that we need to bring back public flogging! If he forgets your birthday then he can be first!! Lol!!! He won't forget again. I promise! :) :)

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