If Your Boyfriend Avoid You Then What Would You Feel And Do?


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If it truly was someone I cared about for sure I would sit him down and tell him about some of the things that have been bothering you. Ask him to give you an explanation on the problem and see if you can work through it and if it does not change then leave his ass, women should be treated like queens.
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Coque Givah
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No, Jennifer - women should be treated like the callous BITCHES they are (to follow your logic and look at it from an equally irrational perspective). UNLESS of course, they act better than that, all the way up the spectrum of behaviour to including the rather rare queenly behaviour. Otherwise, it only encourages women to take advantage of men's indiscriminate treatment of them as 'queens', which is an entitlement complex that leads to MUCH suffering when men backlash - often against the NEXT women they meet as opposed to the one that taught them how ignorant and stupid women can be (like any other human on the planet, in other words - or should we be sexist and put women on a pedestal, and if so, why not men?)
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If your boyfriend is avoiding you, so you will be upset. And you must be thinking that, what is the reason, why he is behaving so much rudely with you? As you said is he seeing someone else? Yes it might be possible, because guys need change. If he is just your boyfriend and don't love you then its possible that he is engaging with someone else. It can be possible that he don't find any charm in you. So you have to change your looks and style. Try to look glamorous and you also avoid him, don't be tense about him. When he will feel some change in you then he will must come back.

It might be possible that you always ask questions from him that, where you were? Why you came late? And same questions like these. So he feels irritation from you and avoiding you. So be frank with him and also talk very genially with him. Guys feel so much irritation when someone asks questions from him continuously. So change your behavior with him and also change your dressing and hair style.

If he was just doing time pass with you then, you also leave him, don't think about him and also ignore him, you will find any one else, better then him.
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Penny Kay
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You can not change your life to please a man, it is unhealthy, and you won't please a controller anyway, he will demand more and more. Personally if mine would leave me alone for 5 minutes I would be a kinder gentler me!
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Then Penny, you're with the wrong man, and need to swap with the original poster. Shame how people stick with the wrong people, complain about them being 'too clingy' (hey, s/he LIKES you a LOT, deal with it) and perpetuate the problems by not being honest with each other.
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well I don't have a boyfriend.

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Do you know why he is avoiding you? If you did something wrong, apologize. If not, then start calling him your ex-boyfriend and move on.

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Rinku and Rahul met online through adating website. They confessed their love for each other. For first few months everything was going good. Late night phone conversations, kisses and hugs, lying at home about a relationshipand watching the sunset together, all felt so nice. Few days later Manish felt that Rinku is ignoring him. He confronted her about her behavior. She said she wanted to end the relationship. Rahul did not probe too much and moved on.

Do you think rahul did the right thing? Moving on without knowing the reason of ignorance is not always possible. If relationship is stumbling, it is better to end it on a good note instead of making things worse. If your partner is avoiding you, having a word with him or her can improve the situation. There can be some misunderstanding. However, being pushy does not help.

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