What Do You Say When You Are Trying To Express Your Feelings To Your Boyfriend?


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I can't answer that - I don't know what your feelings for your boyfriend are!

How Do I Tell My Boyfriend How I Feel About Him?
  • Don't be nervous. If you love him, tell him. Just say it. Timing is important, though - the best time to express your feelings is when you're alone together. Lying in bed after sex (if you're in a sexual relationship) is usually the best time to talk about these kinds of things.
  • Start with smaller things and work your way up. It can seem scary at first, but you'll soon realise it's not all that frightening at all. It'll make your relationship stronger if you communicate, too!
  • If you really can't bring yourself to tell him in person, start off with messaging him online or texting him. If that goes well, try moving those sorts of conversations from cyberspace to real life.
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Try one of these:
  • "We are soul mates"
  • "nothing in the world could compare to my love to you"
  • "we belong together"
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If he is straight up with you and not a player, just be honest. If he is a player, or you are not sure, do not let him know your feelings. You must be sure you can trust him or you could get hurt.
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I don't have a bf.

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