What Do You Do When Your Texting Your Boyfriend And He Is Mad What Do You Do Say To Make Him Happy?


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I would advise giving him some time to cool off before texting him. Continuing to argue won’t help but at the same time brushing the problem under the carpet and changing the conversation or being nice will probably irritate him even more; especially if he is intent on continuing being in a bad mood.

It also depends on why he is mad; if it is something you have done obviously once he has cooled off you need to apologise and explain the reasons for your actions. It’s probably best not to try and justify your actions or try and put the blame on him if you are trying to stop him being angry, as this won’t help. If he is angry because you have got into an argument which isn’t your fault; it may be worth just leaving him to have a think about how irrational the fight is and then text him with a general comment, for example ask him if he has had a good day. This way, if he has realised he was being silly he doesn’t have to feel like he is backing down or making the first move by texting you.

Although all couples argue; if this is a regular occurrence it may be worth looking into your relationship. Frequent petty disagreements which result in explosive arguments or other unhealthy behaviours are usually a sign of an underlying problem. There could be a number of different underlying issues such as jealousy, trust, drug-related paranoia, fear of commitment, putting up barriers and anger problems to name just a few. If this is believed to be the case, the underlying problem will need to be dealt with otherwise things will only get worse.

Options which could help in these circumstances could include drink/drug advice, couples counselling, temporary break up or even just talking about the underlying problem rather than the issue he got mad about.
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Talk through it,this is kind of ironic because me and my boyfriend were texting and we just got into a big fight.we talked through it and made sure both of us weren't mad at each other anymore..the thing I have learned is to be honest..don't hide your feelings from him.hes asking,he cares.let him know how you really feel.don't do phone sex.thats not going to fix the fact that you two just got in a means your trying to avoid the whole fight..good couples need to have a few brings the two closer because you now know after the fight what made them mad and not to do it again.say what you think you should say..don't automatically say out why you got into the fight and think about what you could do to resolve it.after you have talked things through apologize for what you did or vise versa.don't be too clingy about it.don't act desperate and do not act like a baby.guys can be sympathetic but if you get into a fight and you cry all the time it gets annoying.words of wisdom don't be a cry baby.act tough but don't be bitchy.Mean what you say and say what you mean.
Hope I could helpp.
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Be nice say you love him and things that make him smile
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simple give smile and say i love you..

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Leave the guy alone to cool off, it just so happens those who don't know what sexting is also know nothing about the differences in men and women. It women who think and feel they "have" to talk every out all the time, but then women are emotional thinkers. Men on the other hand are logical thinkers and like to work things out on their own first. It's what men hate about women, talk, talk, talk and then more talk, read the studies over the past 60 yrs and you'd know how men feel about it, now with the cell, men get no dam peace at all.  Try leaving him alone for a day or so, if that's humanly possible for any female to do!!

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I word sexting if you don't know what that is well it is like having phione sex but if you don't waant ot do that then sweet talk him and stuff like that

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