Does having a boyfriend really make you happy? Or do you have to be happy before?


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Having a b/f or a fiance will make you feel more fulfilled and content, but it's not a pre-requisite for happiness.I was happy enough until I met my other half and then after that it reached another level.Some folks need a partner to be happy and some are just as content being single.
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A BF is not a guaranteed solution to everlasting happiness so one must find happiness on their own although a BF can bring temporary happiness but is only a band aid for hidden feelings
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Blabitty Blah
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But how do you find happiness on your own? I'm not happy with myself so i always rely on other people for happiness
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Depends on the guy some make you happy some make you miserable but what you should never do Is define your happiness by if your singel or not just be happy and if you happen to have bf great if oh well
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First you have to be happy and love yourself. To do this, look in the mirror daily and write down one thing that you admire about yourself. Once you believe in yourself and you're happy, having a boyfriend will make you feel complete:)
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HAVING  boyfriend won't necessarily make you happy. It depends on the person you're with and if that person makes you happy, then yes you'll be happy before

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